Leave of Absence

Leave must be obtained before the child absents themselves except in the case of emergency. Application bearing name, class, section and Roll No. of the child must be signed by the parents otherwise it will not be entertained.
No leave combining with holidays will be granted except in the case of very strong reasons such as illness supported by an M.C.
The name of the child is struck off the roll, in case if they remain absent without leave for six consecutive days.
The fine for absence is charged at Rs. 5 per day for primary and secondary classes but students of class IX-X are heavily fined.

School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory for all students. No student is allowed to attend the school unless they are in full uniform. Habitually untidy or shabbily dressed children may be fined or expelled if no improvement is noticed over a period of time.

Prescribed Summer Uniform (Boys)

White shirt (full sleeves) grey trouser, school tie, black shoes, black socks

Winter Uniform (Boys)

Grey trouser, white shirt, bottle green blazer and sweater, school cap and tie Hair cut boys: Cadet Cut only.

Summer Uniform (Girls) (NSY-V)

White shirt, white shalwar, black shoes, black socks.

Summer Uniform (Girls) (VI-X)

Blue shirt (with cuff and collar), white shalwar, black shoes and black socks.

Winter Uniform (Girls):

Blue shirt (with cuff and collar), white shalwar, black shoes and black socks, bottle green blazer, sweater


Visitors are welcome but not allowed to move about the class rooms or contact the child or teacher when the class is in progress. Any one who wants to see a teacher or a student should report to the office. The office will call the person concerned and visitor will be allowed to meet him/her in the visitors room during recess or at the appointed time. Duplicate of student's ID card rests with the parents. They have to produce it on their visit to school.


The school owns no conveyance. Parents will be personally responsible for the safe conveyance of their children to and from school

General Rules and Regulations

Strict action including expulsion from school will be taken against students for the following offences:-

(a) Breach of discipline.
(b) Smoking.
(c) Cheating, lying, quarrelling, using foul or abusive language or any other immoral conduct.
(d) Deliberately damaging the school property.
(e) Rudeness to any teacher or any senior.
(f) Absence from class or any other activity in school without permission.
g) Habitual irregularity in attendance, not being punctual, untidiness, continuous poor performance in academics.
h) Non payment of dues.
Students are not allowed to keep mobile phone, transistors, money or wearing gold jewellery etc.
Such articles will be confiscated by the school. Students must look after their own belongings.
The school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of any article.
Parents/guardians of the students are requested to keep themselves abreast of the academic and other activities of their children.

Security Measures

According to the notification of the Govt of Pakistan this is ensured keeping in mind the current situation and terrorist activities all over the country. Following security measures have been taken to ensure the safety of students and teachers:
❖ CCCTV Cameras have been installed. Boundary walls have been raised and barbed wires spread all over these walls.
❖ Crained security guards have been employed.
❖ CCheck posts and barriers have been held in appropriate places.
❖ Checking and identification of visitors has been made compulsory.